The Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

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While Winter weddings are gorgeous, there are different aspects to think about before deciding to plan a Winter wedding. 


  • It is off season for weddings so you will probably have your choice of dates!
  • Your favorite venders will most likely be available.
  • Some vendors may offer discounts because it is off season.
  • Snow photos are some of the prettiest photos ever!!
  • Your menu could include fabulous “comfort foods”
  • Everyone that you know will most likely be getting married in Spring and Fall. If you have a winter wedding all of the attention will be focused on you. 
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  • The weather could cause a problem but living in Tennessee probably makes this less of an issue. 
  • People that live out of town might not be able to come, especially if they are coming from states that have bad weather. 
  • The flower choices might be more limited but there are still beautiful flowers to choose from in the Winter. 
  • Remember, this is your decision, and no matter what the weather is your friends and family will show up because they love you. 

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