How To: Wedding Planning 101

From happenings in the wedding industry to real weddings at Evergrove Estates, we’re here to provide you with all the bridal inspo that you could need!

There are many joys that go along with planning a wedding; however, because this is probably the largest event you will plan, it can tend to be intimidating. The term "wedding planning" often leaves brides overwhelmed and wondering where to begin. Relax! The experts are here and we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to ensure you have the most perfect day. Here is a 6 step, full-proof wedding checklist! 

Search for the venue that will not only work with you but will also work for you.

Hey, this is YOUR day and your wedding venue should recognize that. There are tons of behind the scenes aspects that are easy to overlook when you are searching for a venue. Do your research! The reviews are endless on and about Cedar Hall from previous brides and grooms, family members, and guests! 

Carol Johnson, Wedding Coordinator



Kelly Inman, Wedding Coordinator



Find your help.

This is the point where your biggest help and best friend for the next couple of months intervenes: the wedding coordinator. Wedding coordinators are one of the key players when planning your wedding, and having a kind, understanding one is so important! Our team has been blessed with women who are passionate about working with couples throughout the journey to marriage. Whether it’s helping choose which table linen looks best, to navigating tricky family situations on the wedding day, they have your back. These incredible women work tirelessly for our couples to ensure that your most special day is as stress free as possible!

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Plan your menu.

Of course your guests are coming to the wedding to celebrate you and yours, but there’s no doubt they will look forward to the food. Cedar Hall makes this easy! Because we have our very own in-house culinary staff and a sizable menu, this part of the process is a breeze... you'll just need to secure your favorite bakery to make your cake. Four months out from your wedding date, you will meet with your wedding coordinator to finalize your menu and within an hour or two, voilà... you’re done!

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Find your theme.

One of the things our guests always admire about Cedar Hall is our attention to detail. We LOVE to alter our decor according to season and in keeping with the latest trends; all the while, keeping the timeless beauty of Cedar Hall at the forefront. Uniquely chosen, we have a plethora of centerpieces, table linens, chargers, plates, and more that you are welcome to utilize and customize to your liking. We absolutely adore when couples choose to add a personal touch to our decorations. When you book with us, there’s no need to wrack your brain scrolling though Pinterest for homemade DIYs. Let us help you decorate! After all, we do love it. :)

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Choosing your entertainment + photographer.

This is where your personal research comes in! Cedar Hall has walked you through every step of your planning, now you take the reigns and choose your favorite vendors!

One of the coolest parts of this is, it is different for everyone! It's all about knowing your guests and yourself. Some couples enjoy a fun, lively DJ who will keep their guests on the dance floor all night. Interestingly, other couples prefer an alternative band or a stringed quartet. Ya never know!

It's similar with choosing a photographer. Thankfully, social media platforms are a HUGE help nowadays when it comes to doing your research. Most photographers tend to keep their platforms clean and up to date to give you an idea of what they do and what they are about. Every photographer is different. They have unique styles, hues, and flairs that make them who they are. Because of this, it's truly up to you and your preferences. At Cedar Hall, we strongly believe that word of mouth is one of the greatest references, so ask around! If your chosen entertainment and photographer are engaged and trustworthy, you are set! 

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Don't stress!

Listen, we know that wedding planning can carry some worries and stresses, but don’t let it consume you. Focus on the what is important and enjoy this sweet time. You won't be engaged forever, so jump up and down and get excited about your soon-to-be spouse, your beautiful ring, and all the little details in between. You will only regret the time you spent worrying; never the time you spent being grateful and joyful.

Happy planning!

â—‡ Caroline

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