Audrey + Cameron's Cedar Hall Wedding

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Audrey and Cameron's wedding at Cedar Hall was nothing short of a fairytale! These two are so full of love, it is evident to everyone they meet. This sweet couple lights up every room they walk into, and we are so honored that we got to be a part of their biggest day. Here is a recap of some of our favorite photos from their picture perfect fall wedding!

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Preparing for your big day should be nothing short of fabulous! Our bridal suite is the perfectly accommodating spot that is spacious enough for all of your bridesmaids, and the makeup and outfits, too! Here, you will be greeted by mimosas, hand-written encouragements, and the prettiest views. 

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We are big fans of first looks around here, and thankfully the photo location opportunities at Cedar Hall are endless! Whether it's with your bridal squad or your mom and dad, we never get tired of the sweet, intimate photos that come from these intentional moments. We're absolutely swooning over this sweet first look in our courtyard. 

Make sure to choose a photographer that captures every moment of your biggest day for you. Rob and Deanna definitely did just that for Audrey and Cameron!

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The moment is finally here.

Your guests are trickling in, the wedding coordinator is lining up the bridesmaids, and it's time to walk down the aisle. We can't imagine this moment going any more perfectly for these two!

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One of the best times of the wedding is here: the reception.

Audrey and Cameron went with a subtle, classic look for their decor and then added a few bold centerpieces! You can never go wrong when you sprinkle greenery around The Stables.

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We hope that this gave you a little insight into what a real wedding day looks like at Cedar Hall. If you have any questions or want to learn more, give us a call at 901.377.4099 or send an email to info [at] cedarhall [dot] com and we would be thrilled to hear from you!

Audrey and Cameron, thank you both so much for choosing Cedar Hall. It was an honor to spend your most special day with you and we wish you the happiest life together! 

The amazing vendors

  • Photography: Rob and Deanna Photography
  • Videography: 22 Magnolias
  • Florals: John Mark Enterprises with The Greenhouse
  • Dress: Maggie Louise Bridal, Hayley Paige
  • Bakery: The Flour Garden
  • Makeup: Kasey Acuff
  • Hair: Amy Wood
  • DJ/Band: Deep Blu Entertainment
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