Your Vision

When you find that perfect floral arrangement or bouquet, its tricky to duplicate. Be open to the fact that it's inspiration for your florals. Trust us, YOUR bouquet will be absolutely stunning on your wedding day!


Be open minded! You may think that you want nothing but candles at your reception, but sometimes flowers are needed to soften your space. Let your florist guide you and trust their expert opinion.


Often times, couples think they need florals on every avaliable space. Be aware that once your venue fills up with people, those stunning florals that you stressed over might go unnoticed. Consider opting for statement pieces that will be in a lot of your photos and be seen and appreciated by all of yours guests.


Something to keep in mind is that flowers are seasonal! A variety of things, including weather, can affect their availability. Try not to fall in love with certain flowers only to discover that they are not available at the time of your wedding. Your florist should always give their insight when helping your design your florals and should let you know what flowers are available and in your budget.


At the end of the day, choose a florist who's work you love and trust them to make all of the little things fall into place.

We want to say a special shoutout to our incredible in-house wedding florist, John Mark Sharpe! Your vision and creativity are unmatched and we are so honored to have you as part of our team. Much love!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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