In the past, wedding gifts used to overflow a table at the reception, but times are changing and there are two

reasons for this. The first being many places that the bride and groom register often deliver directly to the Bride’s

home. If you receive a wedding gift before the wedding it is more than okay to open it immediately. It is actually helpful

to the Bride and Groom to get a jump start on thank you notes. There is no need to open gifts at the reception. This

time needs tobe spent celebrating and having fun with guests.

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        The second reason why gift giving is changing is almost every guest gives cash or gift cards. Many couples ask for 

cash so they can use it on their honeymoon or to pay for household items that they need without guests having to use 

a registry. If that is the case, a gift table with a container marked “cards” is a great idea to have on the day of the 

weeding. After the reception, have family members or parents take home the gifts. That way they are ready to be 

opened after the honeymoon. The sooner gifts are opened the faster thank you notes can be written to the guests. 

Although, there is no need to feel rushed, take time to enjoy the honeymoon and life as a married couple. 


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