In a perfect world,

the people who love you most would be willing to put aside their differences for your special day and focus on celebrating you. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Be sure to plan out the day ahead of time! Don't wait until the rehearsal or the wedding day or it truly will be chaos.


There are many things to consider

Invitations. You'll need to know how to list divorced parents on your invitations. Search the web to see how other people have done it!

Ceremony. Who will walk you down the aisle? Dad? Mom and Dad? Dad and Stepdad?

Photos. Make sure your photographer has a list of the photos that you want with your parents and who goes with who.

Seating. Get their input on if they're comfortable sitting together. If not, maybe they need to be seated across the room away from each other.

The key is to communicate all the details ahead of time so that no one is caught off guard. We know it is uncomfortable to have the talk, but it is necessary. Let them know that you understand that they have strong feelings but ask them to please lay them aside, at least for your day.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Photographer: Kevin Barre Photography

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