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This can be a sticky subject, but the bottom line is the bride and groom have made a decision and everyone needs to

respect that. Now…What to do to let guests know while still maintaining proper etiquette? First off, start with the way

you address the invitations. Write it as Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jones not the Jones family. If you address it Jones family, they

will definitely bring all of the kids. It is not considered proper to put no kids or adults only on your invitation. However,

definitely put it on your response card.

074 Denise Blog

If you just cannot face having to deal with all the parents here are some verbiage you can include on the response card. 

1. Due to restrictions at our venue we cannot accommodate children.

2. We are sorry but we cannot accommodate children.

3. Regrettably, children are not able to attend.

4. In order to allow all guests an evening of relaxation we have chosen for our wedding day to be an only adult 

    occasion.We hope this advance notice means you are able to enjoy our big day and a relaxing evening for yourself.


If you decide you want to help these parents with accommodations include a list of respectable babysitters on your

wedding website. Or, you could hire some girls you know and trust to entertain them at the hotel where everyone is

staying with pizza and a movie. Be prepared for some no’s on response cards. A lot of parents will actually be thrilled

to have a night out WITHOUT CHILDREN!! Others will not be willing to come without their children. But, once you make

the decision for adults only, stick with it!


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