Every couple dreams of a wedding day full of love + laughter

Sometimes when you mic an open bar with high emotions, you never know what might happen.

A fight is the very last ting you want at your wedding, but here are some ideas to keep things cool, and how to handle it if things get out of control.


If you have guests coming who are prone to drinking too much, let your planner or coordinator know in advance. If you bring this issue to life ahead of time, they can keep an eye on them. Also - your bartenders, who are trained to cut people off when necessary, will be watching to ensure everyone stays calm.

If you have relatives and friends coming who don't get along, let them know ahead of time who will be there so its not a big shock whenever they bump into each other at the buffet. Beyond this, there's not a lot that you can do about them. If they get into it, do NOT jump in the middle of it! Ask a family member or friend to stop the disagreement. Your job is to focus on your wedding day and nothing else.


If a physical fight does actually break out, the last thing the bride or groom should do it get involved. Let the venue manager or your event coordinator diffuse the situation. If they decide that calling the police is the way to handle it, trust their judgement.

Remember, the safety of your guests is more important than whether or not authorities get involved.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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