The average age of a flower girl is three to four years old. This also is the age of tantrums and feistiness. Because of

this, getting the flower girl to walk down the aisle can be a difficult task. 


Over the years, we have learned of a few tips and tricks to try to keep the flower girl as happy as possible. One idea is

to keep snacks handy as a bribe. Make sure that the snacks wont mess up their outfit and are not sticky. Crackers or

pretzels would be perfect. 


 Another great idea, is to send the song the flower girl is walking down the aisle to her parents in advance. That way

she can practice and become familiar to walking to it. 


 When it comes time for the rehearsal, and if she refuses to walk think about maybe not having a flower girl. It

will only be worse on the wedding day. She will be tired and overwhelmed by all of the people and it will be a nightmare

to get her to walk. Make sure to have her in some of the photos and leave it at that. 


Another tip is to be flexible, if they do not want to walk with a flower basket don’t worry about it. If they refuse

to walk down the aisle do not force them and make sure to have a relative on hand so that they can sit with them. 


A tip for the bride is if the flower girl is becoming too stressful you can make the decision for her not to walk.

Her parents and other family members might want her to but if it is an added stress do not be afraid to decide against


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