Why are weddings so stressful? This is a question with not just one answer, but family drama can take a huge toll on

the bride or groom when planning a wedding. Here are a few tips that we have noticed help to create a drama free



Making sure all family is included

Something important to remember is to make sure to give everyone a role. If everyone has job assigned to them, it will

make them feel included and important. This will help to ease some of the drama because if there is only one person

that the bride and groom go to for their needs the rest of the family can grow jealous of the role that person is playing

in their lives 



Choose your battles

This is an extremely important tip because someone will get hurt or upset no matter how hard the bride and groom try

to avoid it. In order to not make matters worse, the best thing to do is be considerate of their feelings and do anything

possible to make them happy. At the end of the day they are family and there is no reason for a big argument over a

small issue. 

Sticking together

The wedding planning is not the end of all family problems. Remember that as the bride or groom you are entering into

a new family. This can be a lot of work going from the way one family works to a completely new dynamic. Stay positive

and know that no matter what problems there might be with new family that they are family now and they should be

treated that way. 


If friends are causing problems

This is a great day for the bride and groom but can be hard for friends. They can feel like they will lose their bond with

the bride or groom because marriage can get in the way of their friendship with them. If jealousy starts to become a big

issue the best thing to do is sit down and have a heart to heart conversation about it. A simple talk can fix most



Upset parents

If there are issues with the parents of the bride and groom, chances are that they are sad to be losing their daughter or

son. It is a sensitive time for any parent. Letting go of a child and realizing that they are not just theirs anymore is

difficult. The best thing a bride or groom can do is once again talk to them. Let them know that they are loved and give

them an important role in the wedding planning to make them feel valued. 


Divorced parents

This is one of the biggest problems during a wedding. Having parents that do not get along can lead to plenty of drama

on a wedding day if there are not certain precautions taken. However, Hopefully they can lay aside their own problems

for the day to support their son or daughter. Parents that are divorced and have bad blood should not sit at the same

table during the reception. As long as the bride or groom is fair in handing out jobs and does not play favorites, the

wedding should run smoothly. This is also where a wedding coordinator is super helpful because they can help ease the

stress of making sure both parents are always happy. The bride or groom’s wedding day is about them. In order for this

to stay true, a wedding coordinator can be the person they can come to if there are any issues during the wedding. 

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