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Make Sure You're Using the Right Amount of Postage

This one sounds simple, but it is so important! The rate is based upon the size and weight of your envelopes. Be sure to check with the post office before you try to send them out. Doing this incorrectly could be a very financially costly and timely mistake.

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Know Your Wedding Gown Alterations

The world of alterations can seem overwhelming and confusing, but it's important to know the details. Be sure to leave enough time and budget for these alterations so you aren't surprised when the big day approaches!

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Have Someone to Bustle Your Gown

Make sure that you have someone in line to bustle your gown on the day of your wedding! This could be one of your bridesmaids, one of your vendors, or just someone you know. This may seem like a small detail, but it can be a huge time killer if no one knows how to do it.

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Know What Time The Sun Will Set on Your Wedding Day

If you've seen many wedding photos, then you know that sunset is the golden hour for perfect pictures. Beyond that, this is very important to know when planning when your ceremony should begin, especially if you're planning to do an outdoor wedding. Lighting is critical, and you don't want to figure out once you've mailed invitations and booked vendors that your schedule is way off.

Don't let these little things trip you up on YOUR big day. Happy Wedding Planning!

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