Best Month to have a Wedding in Memphis

Our blog will go through why we love having weddings in each season in Memphis.

Unique Gifts for your Wedding Party

The people who make up your wedding party are the ones who have been there for you through thick and thin. They are your best friends, your family. Now they...

Wedding Planning Advice for an Outdoor Memphis Wedding Venue

If you are thinking about having an outdoor wedding in Memphis, Evergrove Estates will walk you through how to have a successful event.

How to Pick a Memphis Wedding Photographer

If you are newly engaged, read our guide to find the perfect Memphis wedding photographer.

How to Plan When You’re Apart

When it comes to planning your special day together while living long-distance, there are a few things to keep in mind as you make plans. 

Cedar Hall: Tanner + Alex // Jo Darling Photography

Tanner and Alex's Memphis wedding at Cedar Hall was elegant, romantic, and charming.

How To Personalize Your Wedding

Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

The Ivy Tea Room at Cedar Hall

Why You Should WAIT to Open the Buffet

Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception All In One

What to Keep and What to Cut From Your Wedding

Do You Really Need a Wedding Coordinator?

Quick Engagements: How to Quickly Plan for Your Big Day

No Kids Allowed!

Food for Your Wedding Reception

Ideas for Fall Wedding Favors

The Week Before the Wedding: Dos + Don'ts

Should the Groom Give a Toast?

How to Write the Invitations if the Bride is a Doctor

Why You Need a Wedding Website

Skip the "Everyone in the Entire Family" Photo...

Planning a Wedding with Divorced Parents

What to Call Your In Laws AFTER the Wedding

How to Schedule the Time of Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Postponing or Downsizing Your COVID Wedding

Questions That Guests Should Never Ask The Bride

You're Engaged! Now What?

4 Tips to Avoid Mistakes Leading Up To Your Wedding Day

All About the Plus One

It Takes Two To Decide

Honoring Your Parents on Your Wedding Day

Sweet vs. Savory

Nightmare: A Drunken Fight at Your Wedding

Looking Forward

Conversations You Need to Have Before Your Wedding

7 Things Wedding Guests Should Never Do

Always Be Flexible

The Wedding Song for YOU!

Your New Last Name

Your Wedding and the Coronavirus

The Mother-In-Law

The 5 Love Languages and Your New Spouse

What Not To Do at a Wedding

Questions About the Engagement Ring

Tips for a Happy Marriage

Unique Ways to Walk Down the Aisle

The Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

When is it Appropriate to Open Wedding Gifts?

Ideas to Help the Flower Girl Walk Down the Aisle

Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other on Your Wedding Day

Questions to Ask the Person or Bakery that is Making your Wedding Cake

How To Avoid Family Drama

Do I Really Need a Videographer for my Wedding? Yes, yes, and YES!

No Kids Allowed! We Have Decided We Want Only Adults at our Wedding…

Everything You Need to Know About Your Bridal Registry

A Day to Remember

Weddings are such a joyous, happy time but are also a time for reflection, memories, and being with the people you love most.I think every bride gets…

Audrey + Cameron's Cedar Hall Wedding

Audrey and Cameron's wedding at Cedar Hall was nothing short of a fairytale! These two are so full of love, it is evident to everyone they meet. This…

The Ivy Tea Room at Cedar Hall

One of our favorite endeavors that we have endured over the past year has been the creation of The Ivy Tea Room at Cedar Hall. Denise Suthoff, owner of…

Indoor Wedding vs. Outdoor Wedding

With the seasons changing and temperatures dropping, decided whether to have your wedding indoors or outdoor can be tricky. There are many pros and cons to

The Difference a Cocktail Hour Can Make

Imagine this: The wedding ceremony ends, it’s a beautiful fall day, and the photographer calls the bride, groom, and family to begin taking photos. While...

For the Autumn Loving Bride

With fall creeping around the corner, we absolutely cannot wait to see all of the beautiful weddings that will take place at Cedar Hall! There's no…

Debunked: Top 5 Wedding Myths

Wedding planning is stressful. While there can be truth to this one, it definitely doesn't have to be the case! Heartwood Hall alone offers a multitude…

How To: Wedding Planning 101

There are many joys that go along with planning a wedding; however, because this is probably the largest event you will plan, it can tend to be…

Traditional Dinner or Dining Stations?

Let’s talk about food! There are so many things about Cedar Hall that make it unique, and one of those is our in-house catering. We have been blessed with an...

How to Have a Cool Wedding in the Warmth of Summer

Who doesn’t love a warm, sunny, summer day? While we know planning a wedding during the warmer months can make you a little weary, there’s no need to…

A First Look...For Everyone!

In years past, many couples have chosen to have their first look in a private location hidden away from all distractions. These precious moments always…

Meet The Pros of Heartwood Hall: Denise

Meet the wonderful professionals that make Heartwood Hall such a success! First Up: Owner, Denise Suthoff!

The Importance of the Wedding Coordinator

One of the biggest blessings Heartwood Hall couples receive from us is their wedding coordinator. Often times, hiring a wedding coordinator is an…

How to Have a Charitable Wedding

If the holidays and Christmas have you all warm-hearted and you're looking for ways to give, why not start with your big day? You can use your big day to…

Why You SHOULD Have a Friday Wedding:

Give your guests a good excuse to take off or leave work early on Friday. Their bosses may not, but they will thank you!

Our Property:

Within the 25 acres at Heartwood Hall, one of the most natural attractions is the pond. The pond rests in front of the historic home and to the right of…

What’s Included at Cedar Hall?

One of the best things about Cedar Hall is all that we include for you. We’re more than just an event space, we have just about everything you’ll need!

What’s Included at Heartwood Hall?

One of the best things about Heartwood Hall is all that we include for you. We’re more than just an event space, we have just about everything you’ll…

Welcome to our New Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! Here we'll be sharing tips, ideas, photos and all things Heartwood Hall! We are so excited to keep you updated on the premier…

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